To help students use a mouse so they can control the computer


To increase the size of text on the screen, use the ctrl key and the + sign (on Windows machine) or CMD and + sign (on a Mac)

See student notes Chapter 4


Student Notes

Using the Mouse

Lesson Plan 1, Beginner's Course

The purpose of this lesson is to familiarise your student with the computer mouse and how to use the device in order to access the start button. It‘s important that students knows where the start button is, and what you find there. This is the gateway to many resources on the computer.


Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Explain what a mouse is and how to hold the mouse

Activity - practice using the mouse

  • move it gently around the desktop
  • introduce the cursor
  • point at an icon - watch what happens
  • click the start button and explore the menu
  • explain that you use a mouse to select things by pointing & single-clicking or double-clicking

Activity - choose a mouse exercise from p16 of the student notes or go to www.mouseprogram.com 

Explain if your student right-clicks the mouse by accident, just ask them to left-click anywhere on a blank part of the screen