1. Help students understand how to search for information on  the web

2. Reinforce students keyboard and mouse skills


See student notes Chapter 8


Student Notes

Search Engines

Lesson Plan 2, Beginner's Course

This lesson will help students to search specifically for the information they require on the web, and will reinforce their newly acquired keyboard and mouse skills.


Suggested Actions

Download or print student notes

Explain what a search engine is and why you use one

Activity - use an Internet browser

  • ask your student to open the Internet browser
  • when the homepage appears ask them to type the address www.google.ie in the address bar
  • explore and explain the Google Search page

Activity - find a website

Ask your student to type the words ‘Dublin Zoo’ into the search box and click on Google Search button


  • the search results page
  • number of results (links)
  • results and their addresses
  • use the scroll bar to see more results

Ask your student to click on any of the links to view the web page. When finished, ask your student to click on the back browser button to go back to the page of results

Activity - find the opening hours of Dublin Zoo

  • click on the link to the Dublin Zoo website from the Search results page
  • click on the Visitor Info link to discover what time the zoo opens

Ask your student what other information they would like to search for and spend some time exploring

Recap on what you have covered so far and check that your student is comfortable with what they have learned