1. To help students understand how the Internet works

2. To help students find a website using the address bar

Explain the terms

  • Internet
  • World Wide Web
  • web address
  • Internet browser
  • address bar
  • homepage
  • link
  • browser buttons


Address explained

www = World Wide Web

ageaction = name of website

ie = website is located in Ireland


when the cursor changes to a hand this indicates a link

See student notes

Chapter 6 & 7


Student Notes

The Internet

Lesson Plan 2, Beginner's Course

This lesson will introduce students to the Internet and how to access websites

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  • the Internet is a worldwide network of computers all connected to each other
  • when you connect to the Internet you have access to the World Wide Web which is like a library full of pages of information
  • just as you go to a library to ‘browse’ through books, you can find or explore pages on the Internet using an Internet browser
  • to your student where the Internet browser icon is located on the computer

Activity - click on the icon to connect to the Internet


  • when the web page opens that this is called the homepage
  • the homepage is like the front cover of a book, it also has lots of other pages inside
  • to go to other pages you have to click on a link - see Tips (Cursor)

Activity - go to a website

  • if you want to visit a website and already know the address, you can type it into the address bar
  • explain that every single page on the World Wide Web has a unique web address e.g. www.ageaction.ie - see Tips (Address explained)
  • click on the address bar, type the address www.ageaction.ie and press the enter key

Explain that you are now on the homepage of the Age Action website