Set up a Gmail account


For tips on how to create passwords see www.google.com/security/passwords

See student notes Chapter 9


Student Notes

Introduction to Email

Lesson Plan 3, Beginner's Course

This lesson will help students set up an email account

Gmail Login

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  • email stands for electronic mail - sending an email is like posting an electronic version of a letter
  • when you send your email, it usually arrives at its destination in seconds
  • just like a house address everyone has a unique email address
  • you have to create an email account so that you can send and receive mail

Activity - set up a Gmail account

  • ask your student to go to www.google.com and click on the Gmail tab
  • when Gmail opens explain the Gmail page and help your student to Create an Account
  • set up their Gmail account following the steps in Chapter 9 of the student notes
  • explain that they will only need to create an account once, then they will be able to login with their username and password to send and receive email