1. Familiarise students with checking their inbox.

2. Help students to add an attachment to an email.


Explain to students to only open emails from sources they trust to safeguard against viruses

See student notes Chapter 9


Student Notes

Sending & Receiving Emails and Attachments

Lesson Plan 3, Beginner's Course

The purpose of this lesson is to get students accustomed to sending and checking their email account. It will also enable students to attach and share images by email.


Suggested Actions

Download or print student notes

Recap on what you have covered so far and check that your student is comfortable with what they have learned

Ask your student to log in to their Gmail account

Activity - send an email

  • click on Compose mail, in the To: box ask them to type in your email address
  • explain the subject line and type a subject e.g. My first email
  • show your student where to type their email message
  • click on the Send button to send the email
  • show your student how to check their sent items
  • reply to your student's email


  • the inbox and check to see if they have received your email
  • how to open a received email
  • how to get back to the inbox

Activity - send an email with an attachment

  • ask your student to send an email with an attachment