1. Help students recognise typical computer components

2. Give students easy starting exercises


Student Notes

Your Computer

Lesson Plan 1, Beginner's Course

This lesson introduces the main components of the computer to your student. We have included a sketch of a typical computer below; the components relevant to your student will vary depending on the computer they are using.


Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Introduce the computer/laptop and its components e.g.

  • the tower
  • the monitor/screen
  • the keyboard
  • the mouse
  • the on/off switch


Activity - name the parts above and ask your student to point to them and switch on the computer

Introduce the desktop, icons and the start button, if working on a Windows machine. If working on a Mac introduce the dock by moving the cursor down to the bottom of the screen

Explain that to get into anything on the computer you need to use a mouse