Help students understand how to use Skype


Student Notes

Using Skype

Lesson Plan 5, Improver's Course

Skype enables you to make free online calls worldwide. This lesson will show students how to download and install Skype, and will familiarise the student with all the relevant accessories, such as headset, microphone and camera.


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  • to use Skype you must have Skype downloaded and installed on the computer
  • it is a programme that enables users to make free calls or low cost phone calls over the internet
  • to use Skype you need a headset with a microphone
  • if you have a webcam you can also make video calls to other Skype users, this means you can see the other person on the screen while you talk to them

Check to see whether the Skype shortcut appears on the desktop – if not, download Skype

Activity - download Skype 

Ask your student to go to www.skype.com/download, click on Download Skype and follow the steps in the wizard

Explain this is done only once and that to use Skype you click on the icon on your desktop