1. Show students how to create a Skype account

2. Show students how to add a contact

3. Help students understand how to make and receive Skype calls



Student Notes

Making a Skype call

Lesson Plan 5, Improver's Course

Once your student has downloaded Skype, this lesson will explain how to create an account. Students will then be shown how to add contacts and make a call.  


Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes


  • the first time you use Skype you will be asked to create an account 
  • once the account is created you will just need your Skype name and password to sign in
  • you are now ready to use Skype
  • to make a call to someone you need to add them as a contact
  • the quickest way to do it by clicking the Add Contact button
  • the different parts of the contacts page

Activity - adding a contact exercise; see student notes

Demonstrate how to make a video call and ask your student to practice it themselves