1. Show students how to open a Twitter page

2. Help students understand the features of a Twitter page


You can send a tweet to just one person by putting an @ before their Twitter address - this tweet will only be seen by them and anyone who is following both of you

Your Twitter address does not have to be your own name – it could be a ‘pen-name’


Student Notes


Lesson Plan 7, Improver's Course

This lesson will explain Twitter and allow students to post tweets and follow other Twitter users.

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  • Twitter is a social networking service that allows people to write short messages (called Tweets) to let others know what they are doing and what they are thinking
  • members of Twitter can follow you if they’re interested in what you’re doing
  • you can follow people, including famous people on Twitter, if you’re interested
  • when someone tweets, all their followers will receive it 
  • you can send or receive private tweets to anyone by using the direct message function 
  • when you join Twitter, you get a Twitter address and interested parties can type in your Twitter address and look at your profile page to view your tweets.
  • many companies and public figures use Twitter to communicate information to hundreds of interested people immediately, rather than sending emails

Activity - browse a Twitter profile page

Ask your student to go to www.ageaction.ie and click on the Twitter link on the homepage

Explore the Age Action Twitter homepage

  • follow button
  • tweets
  • following/followers
  • favourites
  • sign up

Explore the followers page

  • click on the Followers tab
  • click on the name of one of the followers
  • click on view full profile and view their recent tweets