1. Help students to understand some potential threats on the internet

2. Help students to identify ways to protect themselves


If students do not have anti-virus software installed they can download a free trial from





Many anti-virus providers offer online backup, e.g. Norton

www.backblaze.com is an online backup service


Student Notes

Internet Security

Lesson Plan 3, Improver's Course

This lesson introduces students to Internet security explaining some potential threats on the internet and how to protect themselves

Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Ask your student if they have ever heard the terms

  • computer virus
  • spyware

Explain these terms using the student notes

Reassure your student that there are various things they can do to protect themselves from these threats

Explain why it is important to make copies of important files and save them onto a CD, USB memory stick or use an online back up service

Explain the terms below using the student notes

  • firewall
  • anti-virus software

Activity - check to see whether your computer has anti-virus software installed

  • look for an anti-virus icon in the start bar (bottom right on the desktop)
  • right-click on it and open the programme
  • are you protected? - see tips for more information