Show students how to access a radio station on the Internet


Listen Live

In order to listen live, you may need to download and install a free application e.g. RealPlayer

Other Radio Stations

You can tune into any radio station in the World e.g.  if you are away from Ireland and want to hear Irish News, you can listen live on the Internet. Try listening to:





Student Notes

Listen to the Radio

Lesson Plan 1, Improver's Course

This lesson will let students experience online radio; where to access it, how to play it and how to control the volume.

Suggested Actions

Explain that you can listen to the radio live on the Internet, or you can listen to a radio programme you might have missed

Ask your student to open the Internet and type www.rte.ie into the address bar and when the RTÉ homepage opens show them where the radio tab is

Ask them to click on the radio tab

Explain & Explore the radio web page

Activity - listen live to the radio

Ask your student to click on the RTÉ Radio 1 link and then click on the Listen Live button - a new window opens and whatever is currently on RTÉ Radio 1 begins to play (see Tips - Listen live)

Explain & Explore the new window, close it when finished

Activity - listen to an earlier show

Ask your student to go to the Most Popular tab on the page and click on a programme they’d like to listen to - a new window opens and whatever they chose begins to play

Activity  - repeat the above steps with different shows  (see Tips - Other Radio Stations)