1. Show students how to open a Facebook page

2. Help students understand the features of a Facebook page


If you click on Like or Comment and are not logged into Facebook, the Facebook Sign Up prompt will appear

If students would like to join Facebook, follow the instructions in the student notes


Student Notes


Lesson Plan 7, Improver's Course

This lesson will explain what is involved in browsing Facebook, setting up an account and editing a profile.


Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes


  • you need to join Facebook to set up your own profile - once you do this you can keep your information private, so that you only share it with friends
  • some companies and clubs like to set up Facebook pages that can be viewed by the public, without signing in
  • they are going to explore a company’s public Facebook page

Ask your student to open the Internet and go to www.ageaction.ie and when the homepage opens, ask them to click on the Facebook link

Explain & Explore the Facebook homepage

  • log In
  • wall
  • comment
  • like

Activity  - go to the photo tab and browse through an album 

Ask your student to click on Like

Explain you need to be logged into Facebook to use the Comment or Like features – but you can still browse the information on some Facebook pages without being a member