Help students to understand how to use Google Chat


Student Notes

Introduction to Google Talk

Lesson Plan 6, Improver's Course

This lesson will show students how to use the Google Talk features in their Gmail account, including inviting contacts to start a chat.

Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Explain that Google Talk lets you send and receive instant messages with friends, family and colleagues

Ask your student to sign in to their Gmail account and go to the Chat area of the Gmail screen

Activity  - check to see if any of your contacts are online and invite to chat

Explain that all you need to do to chat is sign in, invite a contact , and start a chat

  • in the search box at the top of the Chat area, type your friend's name
  • if they're already in your contacts, Gmail will prompt their username
  • click Invite to chat
  • enter your message in the text field and press enter
  • wait for your contact to respond


Explain what the different colours mean in your contacts' status

  • red means someone is online but busy
  • orange means they are online but idle
  • green means they are online and ready to chat
  • grey means they are offline

Activity - set your own status and add a custom one