1. Help students understand the YouTube homepage

2. Show students how to select and play a video

3. Help students understand the video controls


A thumbnail is a mini picture of the video

Thumbnails on the homepage show the videos that are popular at the moment

They are broken down into categories e.g. sport, music, entertainment, etc.


Student Notes

Introduction to Watching Videos on YouTube

Lesson Plan 1, Improver's Course

This lesson will let students experience online videos, it will introduce YouTube to them and explain how they can pause, play, rewind and fast forward as they wish.


Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Ask your student to open the Internet and type the address www.youtube.com into the address bar

Explore the YouTube homepage explaining the following

  • search box
  • thumbnails - see Tips
  • number of views
  • length of video

Activity - click on a video to watch it (without headphones)

Explain the video controls

  • play/pause video
  • progress bar
  • volume control
  • full screen

Activity - play the video

  • put on your headphones
  • choose a video from the homepage
  • click on the picture to play the video
  • practice using the play/pause and volume controls