Help students to search for travel information on the Internet


Student Notes

Search for Travel Information Online

Lesson Plan 4, Improver's Course

This lesson will help direct students to websites for travel information. It will help highlight the best providers, hotels and locations through the use of reviews and ratings.

Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes

Explain that there are many websites available on the Internet that will give advice and information on travel, however, if you don’t know the addresses of these websites you can always search for the information yourself

Activity - you have decided to take a trip to Paris and would like to visit the Lourve

Follow the Activity 1 instructions in the student notes and search for the following

  • the opening times of the Louvre museum in Paris
  • hotels nearby
  • restaurants nearby

Explain each step as you go through the student notes

Explore & Explain any links to

  • reviews
  • booking Information