Help students understand how to make voice and video calls with Gmail


Student Notes

Google Voice and Video Chat

Lesson Plan 6, Improver's Course

If your student has an existing Gmail account they can make online video and voice calls to other Gmail users. This lesson will explain how to use these features, which can be accessed directly from their account.

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  • if you have a Gmail account you can make voice and video calls with other Gmail users when they are online
  • you need to install Google voice and video chat before you can do this

Activity - download Google voice and video chat

Ask your student to go to www.google.com/chat/video

Click on Install voice and video chat - when the download is finished click on Start chatting right from Gmail


  • once voice and video chat is installed you can access it directly from your Gmail account
  • how to make a video call in Gmail

Follow the steps in the student notes explaining each step as you go through

Activity  - practice making, receiving and ending video calls