Introduce students to other Google products they can access from their Gmail page


Student Notes

Access Other Google Products

Lesson Plan 6, Improver's Course

This lesson will familiarise students with the other products available from their Google account. It will help students to understand that they automatically have a Google account once they've created a Gmail account. 

Suggested Actions

Download or print the student notes


  • if you have a Gmail account you have actually created a Google account
  • having a Google account allows you to access many Google products directly from Gmail

Ask your student to sign in to Gmail

When Gmail opens ask your student to look at the Google toolbar at the top of the page

Explain the tabs on the toolbar using the student notes for reference

  • +You
  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Sites
  • Groups
  • Web
  • More

Activity - explore each of the tabs by going to the More tab

  • choose Maps and find your house on Google Street View
  • choose News and look up the latest headlines
  • choose Translate and translate a sentence from English to Irish