How To

Here you’ll find everything you need to teach your mum, dad or another older person how to use the Internet.

Get started by choosing a relevant lesson plan for them. Then, when you’re both ready, you just take them through it step-by-step. Each session lasts anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour. You can even print off notes for your student to take away if you like.

Some quick tips before you start.

Before the lesson

  • Take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the lesson plan.
  • Ask your student what they’re interested in and what they’d like to learn. 
  • Print out the student notes.

During the lesson

  • Summarise the goals for the lesson.
  • Present material in small, well-defined, steps.
  • Re-cap regularly.
  • Keep language simple and repeat and explain complex terms often.
  • Explain the steps and encourage questions.
  • Ask them to try each step as often as needed and until they’re comfortable.
  • Reassure them you won’t move on until they’re ready.
  • Give frequent praise and remind them what they’ve achieved.
  • Encourage them to practice between lessons.

Keep in mind

  • Motivated students learn faster, so show them some fun stuff right away.        
    Eg. Wikipedia, or Joe Dolan on YouTube.
  • Don’t assume too much about their skill level. Just because they can email, doesn’t mean they know how to do a Google search or other basic stuff.
  • Let your student drive i.e. let them use the mouse and keyboard.
  • This is only a guide – so you don’t have to do everything. Just dip in and out if you like.
  • The best learning environment is a one-to-one session where you can pass on all your skills.
  • Most importantly…relax and have fun!


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